Choosing the Right Tree Service Arborist in Avon Park FL

A person hires a tree service in Avon Park Florida for planting, trimming, pruning, and cutting are skills that the ordinary homeowner is unlikely to have. An arborist Avon park says that an arborist is a specialist trained and certified in planting, care and maintenance of trees. It is highly likely that if you own a home in Highland county, you will need the services of an arborist at one time or another as trees grow fast and high in Florida weather.

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Arborist services

  • Planting

An arborist is in the best position to know which tree species grow best in a specific area and the care needed for the seedlings.

  • Pruning

An arborist can assess your trees and determine which are healthy and which are diseased and the parts that need pruning.

  • Tree removal

An arborist is able to cut trees safely when there is no option but to bring down a tree.

  • Emergency tree maintenance

An arborist can offer emergency solutions in the emergency events such as storms and sudden tree falls.

When looking for arborist Sebring, Florida services there is a checklist you should tick to get the right arborist.

  • Credentials

Where did the arborist learn his art? Some arborists are college trained having taken courses like botany.  Many are those who have learned on the job. Check if the arborist is properly certified. In Florida, arborists are certified by the Florida chapter of International Society of Arborists.

  • Experience

What past jobs ha the arborist performed? Can he show references?  Ask the references on the quality of work by the arborist. Did he damage the lawn or overhanging electric wire? Did he put himself or any other people at risk?

  • Equipment and crew

How well is the arborist equipped along with his crew? Do they have safety gear? What about essential tools like axes, grinders, and chainsaws?

  • Reputation

Are there complaints against the arborist? Check on reputation sites like the Better Business Bureau for any complaints against the arborist.

Engaging the services of an arborist should be done in a clear fashion.

  • Pick price quotes. Pick at least 3 price quotes and compare them. The quote should how all the details of the work to be done including any chemicals to be sprayed. It should also be clear on what is to be done with the debris and any disposal costs. Be clear on who is responsible for paperwork and interacting with the authorities.
  • Consider extras. Is the arborist offering to do any extra services like stump grinding?
  • Consider time estimates. The arborist Lake Placid service should be clear on the timelines for the work. This is important If you plan to hold an event on your lawn for example, or if the hurricane season is approaching.

Getting an arborist on the job is important so that the proper job is done. The risks of not engaging an arborist are:

  • Injury to people and animals or even death. Properties can also be damaged.
  • Damage to your trees that could take years to recover.