Can Furnace Repair In Long Island be Reduced with a Smart A\C System

Reducing Furnace Repair on Long Island by using an Intelligent A\C System

Most of us in this day and age are huge on saving money and finding the greener side in life, right?  Yes, sometimes the grass is most definitely greener on the other side and today, we are going to discuss the guidelines of having a smart heating and air system installed in your home, as it will help conserve energy and overall, make your home greener.


What Is a Smart Heating and Air System?

A smart heating and air system are units which include with smart beams, units in which can intelligibly monitor extra sources, as well nursing the interior functionality so a specific unit can maintain its productivity.


Introducing Ecovent

I would now like to introduce a very great smart heating and air system for homes, called Ecovent.  This system will give users the option to literally control any room in their home, making each room a different temperature if desired right from the luxuries of their cell phones and or tablet!  Isn’t that simply astonishing?  I think so!  There are four very important team members in which are involved with the installment of Ecovent in which I am going to go over below in list form.

  • Vents: Announcing the right air flow at truly, the right time!  The vents will mechanically open or close in regards of obtaining the precise airflow in every room!  These vents have a softer noise than most vents.
  • Sensors: The sensors monitor at 24/7 availability and uninterruptedly check the humidity, temperature, as well the pressure.
  • Smart HUB: The Smart HUB will coordinate your individual coziness.  This device will actually guard the health of your HVAC system with SafeSense.  Smart HUB will also connect and regulate WI-FI thermostats, as well uses local information to measure weather influences.
  • Mobile App: The mobile app will allow you to control each of your room’s temperature with complete ease!  You can even mark unoccupied rooms to actually permit air to evenly go where you are, even if you’re away from your whole house!


Going Green Is Always Better

Reports state that when a family uses smart heating and air systems, it will reduce your bill by at least 40% give or take a few numbers!  You will be able to save more on your heating and air bill because you have complete control on how you heat and cool your rooms, what time to do so and even letting your system know when it’s time to cut off each unit regarding specific rooms, simply from the comfort of your tablet or cell phone!

Presenting an Amazing Company

There is a company based in Long Island, New York that I would love to bring to your attention.  Green Homes Long Island (A Master Mechanical Company) is a company in which specializes in providing the residents of Suffolk and Nassau counties with the haven of energy saving promotions for HVAC systems, as well insulation.  This company’s main goal is to set customer’s systems that will achieve as they are supposed to, while on the same note, saving you cash on your energy bills and making your home so much more contented and Green Homes Long Island has been doing just that since 1995!  Within the HVAC services, Green Homes Long Island concentrates in the following areas when assisting with HVAC systems and problems.  Below, I am going to go over them in list form.

  • Refrigeration systems, too! (maintenance, repair & replacement)
  • HVAC system design & project management
  • New HVAC installations
  • HVAC system replacement
  • HVAC system maintenance & repair
  • Insulation, air sealing & ductwork upgrades