Oil Tank Removal on Long Island or Abandonment. Which should you do?

Oil Tank Removal on Long Island or Abandonment. That is the Question!

While many oil tanks are extremely durable and should provide you with good service for many years, the time comes when wear and tear, leakage, environmental degradation and other factors will require their removal or abandonment. To find out more, go to http://www.myoiltankremovallongisland.com


Oil tank removal is simply the process of removing oil, sludge, oil fills, vent pipes and the tank itself from above or below ground locations. It may also involve testing the soil from underground sites to ensure that there has been no contamination. Oil tank abandonment on the other hand involves cutting off the top of the oil tank, removing all oil and sludge from the tank, filling the empty tank with sand or gravel, and finally, disconnecting vent and fill pipes from the tank. The oil tank is thus left on the property and minimal maintenance is required.

There are several regulations governing oil tank abandonment Long Island:

  1. You must notify the necessary regulatory body at least 30 days before abandonment.
  2. Soil tests must be carried out to determine if there is any contamination and remedial action taken.
  3. Abandoned oil tanks must be filled with a safe, chemically inactive solid.
  4. Leaky tanks must be abandoned within two hours of discovery of the leak.

Reasons for oil tank abandonment

There are several reasons for oil tank abandonment:

  • Many oil tanks have a life span of 10-15 years after which they begin to crack, corrode and leak oil into the surrounding soil leading to hefty clean up costs. Oil tank abandonment is one way to prevent this without going through the complicated process of removing the tank entirely.
  • You do not have the resources as yet to conduct a full removal which will require getting rid of the old oil tank, replacing it with a new one and conducting property restoration.
  • Your tank has begun to leak and state regulations require that you abandon it in the shortest time possible in order to avoid further contamination of ground environmental resources.

Oil tank abandonment is a quick and affordable option for those who are looking to solve the problem of old and leaky oil tanks that may be contaminating soil and groundwater resources.

Should you do oil tank abandonment?

While oil tank abandonment provides a quick solution for getting rid of old, corroded or leaky tanks, oil tank removal should be the go to option for anyone who is looking for a permanent solution to these problems. Oil tank removal Long Island will involve the removal of the problem tanks and their associated contents, testing the soil around it for contamination, taking remedial action in case the soil is polluted and filling the area where the tank was previously held with soil. In some cases, homeowners will prefer to install a new oil tank and a heating oil replacement Long Island expert can be instrumental in ensuring that this is done correctly.

Oil tank abandonment can provide a great short term solution for the problem of old and outdated tanks. However, if you are looking for a permanent solution, you will be better off choosing a complete removal that will give you room to start over and get rid of leaking and soil contamination problems for good.