Polished Concrete Flooring in Sarasota vs Stained.

Many, after they realize that a concrete floor can be as attractive as it is durable, wonder which they should install, a stained concrete floor or one of the many variations of polished concrete flooring in Sarasota FL.

For homeowners in the Sarasota, FL area considering an upgrade to their concrete floors, many decide on polished or stained concrete. It is amazing the designs and finishes you can get with concrete. Using dyes and stencils, you can create a concrete floor that few could tell was not marble at thousands less.


The Fundamental Difference Between Stained Concrete Floors & Polished Concrete Flooring Sarasota

Sarasota gets an average of 56 inches of rain per year, and the relative humidity is typically above 70 percent. Therefore, unless you want soggy carpeting, wall-to-wall carpeting is not a realistic choice. You can quickly wipe up the water from polished or stained concrete. These concrete floors are not like the concrete floors of old.

Nowadays, you have a choice of colors and designs that are infinitely more durable than linoleum, and more crack-resistant than tile.

But, what’s the difference between these two concrete surfaces?

Polished concrete flooring Sarasota is usually $2.00 to $5.00 per square foot than stained concrete floors. For the average 10′ x 10′ room, that’s about $200 to $500 more initially because of the expense of specialized machines and craftsmanship needed to achieve the polished look. However, the stained concrete finish is more of a coating process that is more difficult to maintain long-term.

Homeowners who want a great-looking floor, which they won’t have to spend much time maintaining, will likely want polished concrete even though they will pay more upfront. Though there’s no such thing as maintenance-free, polished concrete is as close as it gets. Because polishing closes the concrete’s pores, nothing seeps into the surface. So, it’s effortless to clean with a sponge mop or Swiffer.



The Benefits of Stained Concrete Floors

A stained finish using dyes and stencils can create whatever floor design you have in mind. These floors are sturdy and sleek. What’s more, they are in demand because it’s also eco-friendly.

Skilled concrete technicians can make a floor that looks like:


  • Wood
  • Tile
  • Brick
  • Marble, Slate, or other stone


Your imagination is the only limit because these floors can get done thousands of dollars cheaper than the actual material, and concrete’s much more durable. Also, with stenciling, though tedious, elaborate designs are possible.

However, when you get tired of the look, it’s simple to change. You won’t have to tear everything out and start over like with tile or carpet. The contractor can come in and change the design, and you will be back walking on it the next day or sooner.


Polished Concrete Flooring Sarasota, FL

Whether you ultimately decide on polished concrete or stained, you will get a handsome and durable floor finish that will likely last as long as the home.

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